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Mission & Vision Statement

We aspire to provide a benchmark innovative healthcare by incorporating preventive, curative and rehabilitative complementing and alternative health/medical practice into orthodox health/medical sciences to provide mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well being for a transnational clientele in Restful Relaxing, Rejoicing Revitalizing, Recharging and Rejuvenating ambience.

To lead a global paradigm shift in blissful and proactive medical/health care with resources to provide:
Pillar 1 – Regular and appropriate physical exercise

Pillar 2 – Scientific relaxation and restful sleep

Pillar 3 – Healthy diet

Pillar 4 – Detoxification (including fasting)

Pillar 5 – Management of stress and stress disorders

Pillar 6 – Supplements

Pillar 7 – Positive attitudes

Pillar 8 – Christian discipleship

Pillar 9 – Health through water (SPA)

Pillar 10-Medical, Surgical & Dental treatments

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